Account Activity$2 per page
Account Research$25 per hour
After Hour Card Cancellation$20 per card
ATM/Debit Card Re-Order$5
Certified Check$2.50 per check
Change Order Fee$2 per order
Check Cashing Fee (If account balance is less than $100) *Fee waived if member holds a CD, IRA, or Loan within the Credit Union$3
Copy of Checks$2 per check
Copy of Statement$5
Courtesy Pay at ATM$45
Dormant Account Fee$25 per dormant year
Early Account Closing Fee$25
FAX Fee$1 per document
In-Coming WireFREE
International Out-Going Wire$50
IRA Account Maintenance$20 per year
Late Loan Fee$20 not to exceed
Legal Fee/Garnishment$20
Loan Payment Returned Item Fee$25 per item
Loose Coin Count1.00% of total
Money Order$1.50 each
New Account Fee$1
Non-Member Check Cashing$5
NSF Fee$35 per item
Out-Going Wire$20
Overdraft Transfer$5 per occurrance
Photo Copies.25 per page
PIN Number Change$2
Pre-pad Travel Card$5
Pre-paid Card-purchase fee$3
Return Mail Fee$5
Returned Item Fee$10 per item
Statement Copy/Printout$3
Stop Payment Fee (ACH & Share Drafts)$20 per request
Stop Payment on Certified Check$35 per check
VISA Foreign Transaction Fee1.00% of total

As approved by the Board, effective May 1, 2018