Club Accounts

A special part of the savings program for our members are the CLUB ACCOUNTS. Club accounts are separate from your regular savings and earn monthly dividends. You can have one or several club accounts, whatever suits your needs. Deposit weekly or monthly – whatever schedule you desire – in person, by mail, or through payroll deduction . Then, at the designated time, you will have money saved for that special need.

Please note: there are LIMITED WITHDRAWAL PERIODS for each account.

Any Club Account with more than one withdrawal in a year will be automatically closed and cannot be reopened for two years.

The different club accounts we offer and their withdrawal dates are :

  • TAX (T) between December 15 and April 15
  • VACATION (V) once a year
  • BACK TO SCHOOL (B) between July 15 and August 30
  • CHRISTMAS (C) between October 15 and December 30